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honolulu playboys vs. dB+ "instant pimp"
speedorange are Tony Jackson, Spud and their mates.
Imagine a place where it all that matters is the sunshine, the rhythms and the beat.
A place where you can just get away from it all and slip into something more comfortable, like the groove. An island in a sea of dodgy 'big tunes', an oasis in a desert befeft of funk. That place exists and it is called............. Instant Pimp.
The Honolulu Playboys are 5000 records latest signing, their album 'Between Drinks' is actually a series of covers from a 70's album by a little known Hawaiian lounge act - the Honolulu Hammonds (the playboys taking their name in homage to the Honolulu Hammonds). As ever, we keep the 5000 Records vibe for the headz and the 5000 beats vibe for the floor which is why you can purchase the album on 5000 records
and the 12" remixes on 5000 beats.
The story of Instant Pimp goes a little something like this: One of the Playboys was holidaying in Hawaii and happened to come across the Hammonds first album album in a garage sale. He remembered that a lot of musicians cited this band as an influence (see Stevie Wonder, Ray Manzarek, Quincy Jones etc as well as latterday composers such as Beck, Kruder and Dorfmeister, E from the Eels, ), mostly because of their seminal track Hammonds on the Loose.
He bought the album, took it home from his holiday and started learning the songs.
Pretty soon, the band were playing various different songs from the album in rehearsals and decided to cover the album under the name The Honolulu Playboys. After many, many weeks of telephone calls to various people in Hawaii we finally obtained the rights to the tracks. After that it was a simple case of finding the same instruments and outboard gear the original band used, recording the album and then finally drafting in Monsieur Plus to give some 5000 beats flava for the remixes.
The Instant Pimp 12" has got 2 quite different dB+remixes, the A side revolves around a rather infections funky little guitar lick with some extra Rhodes, drums and percussion thrown into the mix, in fact very little remains of the original track, just a guitar lick and some bass sounds. The B side sees a rather more B line driven approach with much of the instrumentation of the first ditched for a more upfront dance floor vibe. Both sides rock, we have had the proof recently from crowd reactions to the dub plates.

Track Dope:

A instant pimp dB+'s funky little groover mix

B instant pimp - dB+'s me and my b line mix

For some flava click..........here!


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