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speedorange "Everythings History"
speedorange are Tony Jackson, Spud and their mates.
"Everythings History" was actually history as far as speedorange were concerned.
In their eyes the track was done and dusted several years ago.
One of the speedoranges played it to 5000 beats on a drunken night not so long ago.
Beers were finished, glances exchanged and questions were asked, mostly along the lines of 'can we take your tune, remix the arse out of it and put it out on 5000 beats?'
To which speedorange very nicely said 'yes, we don't see why not'.
The original track was produced by Dr. Robert. Yes, that Dr. Robert, Dr. Robert from the Blow Monkeys. It weighed in at sub 100 bpms and although it was a tune, it wasn't quite what you would call dancefloor. So dB+ was given the track to play with, twisting and flexing the original until it became something that sounded a bit more like a 5000 beats release.
Along the way he added new percussion, re- arranged the track and rolled out the mother of all B lines.... There is no question that this drops.
You can check it for yourself right .....here!
"Everythings History" can be purchased from a supplier of high quality vinyl from late September. As always copies will be allocated on a strictly first come first served basis so get it quick. We don't repress and its going to be another 8 months before we do a best of 5000 BEATS compilation so get em while you can!
At the moment it is rolling around on super limited (100 copies only) single sided vinyl but they are rarer than hens teeth, so, if you see one be sure to purchase it.... The full release will hit the racks end of September....


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