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A long time ago in a club far far away, in the space between two turntables............. an unstoppable force met an immovable object and dB+ came into being.
dB+ travelled here via interstella rays and cosmic science, powered by love, largesse and funk. Crossing over 90million light years to bring the dB+ sound to the people of planet Earth.
Currently dB+ lives in the body of a 21 yr old male in South London, using his deck wrecking and floor destroying powers to bring the WORD to the peoples of London..........
No stranger to the power of Earths media to spread the WORD and the VIBE to the needy. dB+ was dj-ing live on MTV at only 19 years of age, fighting the forces of mediocricy and bad music using his blend of cosmic disco and dark funk to push the envelope.........
and push it again.
Here are some reports filtering back to us of his recent activities.
Brixtons chief rocker returns to the fold with a fat new EP on 5000,
the 'Not Invented here EP'.
Tear it down, bring it on and play it out!
Funk phillosophy without the rhetoric. Beats without the bullshit.


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